The DoGooder Video Awards

Last night, in the midst of procrastinating on Facebook, I happened to  stumble upon “The DoGooder Awards,” a video competition for non-profits of all shapes and sizes that gives recognition to some of the best video storytelling in the non-profit industry. The winners from each category not only get featured on the Youtube’s highly viewed spotlight channel, but also receive $3,500 in prizes from Cisco, and free registration to the 2014 Non-Profit Technology Conference.

First off, before getting into any of the videos, I wanted to say how awesome it was just to see quality, artistic, and moving video storytelling in non-profits not only being encouraged, but actually rewarded with prizes in the “DoGooder Awards.”

I wanted to spotlight two of my favorite videos. First is “African Men, Hollywood Stereotypes.”

This video does an amazing job of not only addressing the problem the non-profit, Mama Hope, works for, but also humanizing and creating an emotional connection with the protagonists. The dialogue between the men is simple, but through their genuine sincerity, personable demeanor, and humor, you actively listen and engage to their message.

The second video, which I think does an absolutely spectacular job, is “Follow the Frog,” from the Rainforest Alliance.

The video, much like the one from MamaHope, not only uses humor as a way of calling attention to a serious issue, but what is most impressive is how they make it seem so solvable and tangible. By playing on the idea of becoming overly involved in a cause, or possibly desensitized to non-profit content, Rainforest Alliance shows use how we can continue on with our daily lives and still work to fight against the destruction of the rainforest.

So make sure to check out the links and let me know what you think! Also take a look at the finalist for other awards as well.


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