Website Review: Michigan Community Resources

For the past week or so I have been working on designing and building a website for Inspire Michigan, the non-profit I am working with this semester. The experience has, without a doubt, been incredibly humbling.

I generally consider myself a pretty savvy aficionado and consumer of social media and communication, but when it came time to actually construct and build a working website for my organization, the task proved to be pretty difficult. My biggest frustration is that despite an overarching vision for how I would like the website to look and feel like, migrating through the myriad of technical difficulties and having my ideas actually manifest themselves on the web is very challenging.

Believe me, after this experience, I have incredible respect for those people actually in the trenches designing website. However, to give myself a little reprieve, I am going to do something a little bit easier for this blog entry and instead just a critique a website.

I have decided to critique something close to home, the website for my brother’s non-profit, Michigan Community Resources.


Michigan Community Resources started as a non-profit called Community Legal Resources that gave free legal resources and consulting to other non-profits and low-income residents. It since has expanded to provide numerous services related to community engagement, urban planning, and community organizing.

Despite the good work they do, their website needs some work.

First thing’s first, the organization needs to address the URL issue. The URL right now is, which is reflective of the old name. Not only have they not updated to show the new name, but for those visitors who are unaware of the organization’s background and history, the URL makes little sense.

After finding your way to the landing page, there is a nice link to a video that explains the name change, but as you scroll down, the page is loaded with confusing PDF attachments that do not relate or pertain to a passing by visitor. The page has a lot of text, with only one image, and it seems exhausting and stressful to mine for the information that I need, even something as simple as what Michigan Community Resources does.

As you continue exploring through the website, the navigation proves to be incredibly difficult with far too many options on any given page. There may or many not be a purpose to these links, pages, and PDF’s, but even if there is there should be a filtering or layering effect to allow users to find exactly what they need.

The site also has problems with text overlapping onto images. Obviously, depending if an organization is using a CMS or is coding from scratch this can be more or less difficult, but it is still something that needs to be fixed.

Perhaps my biggest critique of the website is its lack of a comprehensive “Donate Now” campaign. Not only is there not a donate button that is easily found on every page of the site, but the “make a contribution” page is incredibly complicated and requires downloading a form. This, along with the lack of a succinct about page and mission statement, turns away many potential donors. I would guess that they receive little to no donations from the web.


3 thoughts on “Website Review: Michigan Community Resources

  1. I agree with your analysis of the website. I thought it was hard to navigate and actually really hard to figure out who the audience was. I couldn’t understand–with a quick glance–who would be using this information. And so when I saw that it was a legal aid organization for community members, I was shocked, as nothing on the homepage seemed to answer questions I might have as an individual in need of legal aid. So, I think that if I were to overhaul this site, I’d do some hard thinking about who might be using it and what questions they will bring, a la Redish.

  2. That website is definitely overwhelming with the amount of information all in one place. I do like how the top headings are organized and does help with the madness, but each page still has a lot going on. I understand it’s a legal website, and so a lot of information needs to be available, but the information seems to be mostly for lawyers, or people who have at least a little bit of a legal background – but I just took a glance at it.

    I hope you learned a lot about website designs from this critique. How is your current website design going? I’d love to read an update!

  3. That website is awful, and I know because I am the one who had to work in it!
    All of your critiques and comments about it are absolutely true, and I knew it for a long time, which is why, like yourself, I was working for over a year on a website redesign. So, I am a bit embarrassed you reviewed our old site!
    Having come out (for the most part – there are still some things I need to do) on the other side of a complete website redo, I completely relate with your comments about how overwhelming it is! The experience was humbling for me as well.
    But I do hope that our new site does a much better job of presenting our story, addressing our audience, organizing our information, etc.
    I hope that you wouldn’t mind checking out our new site and letting me know your thoughts.

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